Stone Statues overview

In this catagory you find statues made from noble caststone and natural handcarved stone.

Riverstone Sinks & Bowls

We offer different kind of stone washbassins, bowls and bathroom utilities.

Riverstone Furniture

Back to the stone-age. Lounges, tables or benches made out of natural large pebbles. A timeless product.

Our Stone Collection

Stone Statues

We offer you a wide choice of cast and handcarved natural stone statues.


Stone Furniture

Items made out of natural pebbles,... timeless.

Stone Washbassins and Bathtubs

Here we offer you stone washbassins and bathtubs made out of natural pebblestone, marble, onyx or petrified wood. The contrast between the natural shape and functionality is great.

Stone Consoles 

Consoles in variable sizes and kind of stone Special request of size made to order.

Stone Reliefs and Ornaments

Many kind of stone reliefs and ornaments you find here,...